Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned

Increase Throughput By Up To 40%

Major Wire’s revolutionary Flex-Mat® 3 High-Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media technology has been proven to increase screening efficiency in more than 25,000 applications worldwide. Its distinctive lime-green polyurethane strips bond the individual wires and allow them to vibrate independently at different frequencies. The vibration of Flex-Mat 3’s wires vary from 6,000 to 10,000 cycles per minute – up to 13 times greater than the standard vibration of a screen box, which is around 800 cycles per minute. This accelerates stratification, so properly sized material falls through instead of sticking to the wire. In addition, Flex-Mat 3 is manufactured with our highly abrasion resistant OptimumWire® that delivers the industry’s best combination of ductility, hardness and tensile strength—resulting in the longest lasting wire available.

Benefits Of Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned Panels

  • Accelerates stratification, increasing material throughput by up to 40%
  • Provides up to 30% more screen capacity than traditional woven wire screen media
  • Virtually eliminates blinding, pegging and clogging
  • Minimizes downtime spent cleaning/replacing screens
  • Lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional woven wire

Now flat, modular screen decks can be transformed to use Major Wire’s Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned panels. If you have modular screen decks but want the extra screen capacity of tensioned, click here to learn more!

Try It 100% Risk Free

If you want to try Flex-Mat 3 for the first time, in new applications or on additional screen decks, you qualify for our Results Guaranteed offer. Try a full deck of Flex-Mat 3 for 30 days. Your screening productivity will increase or we will replace it with another Major Wire product or reimburse your money. It’s that simple.

To ensure your screen box is achieving maximum throughput and bringing your operation the best return on investment, take advantage of the different benefits Flex-Mat® 3 offers on each deck. Its independently vibrating wires eliminate near-size pegging on top decks, produce cleaner retained product through middle decks and prevent fine material blinding on bottom decks. Material that is supposed to pass through each deck will fall through, so you achieve more production of cleaner, in-spec material that increases your overall screening profits.



Opening Sizes

Series D
Provides precise sizing of passing material in most standard applications

0.059" – 4"
(1.5 mm – 101.6 mm)

Series S
Removes fines, produces a cleaner retained product and reduces blinding of wet and sticky materials

0.059" – 2"
(1.5 mm – 50.8 mm)

Series T
Provides added durability for heavy scalping loads or high impact materials and reduces blinding of very fine materials

0.0197" – 2"
(0.5 mm – 50.8 mm)

Provides precise sizing of
passing material in high-impact and heavy material
1.125" – 4"
(28.6 mm – 101.6 mm)

Series L™
Lasts up to twice as long as traditional harp/piano wire while keeping material in spec
Customized to specific applications

The Flex-Mat 3 Series works on screen boxes up to 175° F (80° C). Most are available in OptimumWire® and stainless steel. See your Major Wire Authorized Dealer for more details.

A screen that’s not operating at its intended capacity can severely affect a producer’s bottom-line profits in a number of ways.

  1. Traditional woven wire has up to 30% less open area than Flex-Mat® 3, meaning you could be losing up to 30% of salable product each hour your screen box is running.
  2. If you are shutting down daily or weekly to clean your screens, you are losing serious production and income.
  3. Blinding can reduce screening efficiency by 70% or more, turning an 8’ x 20’ screen deck into a 4’ x 12’ screen deck.
  4. Rule of thumb: A fully loaded screen deck that is blinded, pegged or clogged just 5% will result in a total production loss equal to the percentage of the screen that is affected. This means a single screen deck blinded at just 5% on a 400 TPH plant producing 800,000 tons per year at maximum production will lose about 40,000 tons of that total production in spec product every year. At $8 per ton, an operator could lose $320,000 per year in potential revenue from just that one partially affected screen deck.

Flex-Mat technology has been proven in more than 25,000 applications across the world to increase throughput by up to 40%. See how Flex-Mat 3 can help your operation. Calculate Your Production Results.